admob and startapp ?

is it against admob terms to use another service in the same app ? i want to use admob for inside app ads and startapp for each download only,

No problem. If you use AdMob, you are also allowed to use any other ad networks you want. There are no restrictions at all.

Thanks for your reply, im facing another problem if you would please to help me, im trying to use a smart banner with admob, the problem is that my app is a coloring pages app for kids and i want the banner to be on the top of the screen but the ads takes a little while to load, when it loads it pushes the actual game area down to take the space it needs, i managed to solve that problem by placing the ad inside a linear layout with 350dp50dp , but i cant do that with smart banner because when its on a tablet it needs 600dp90dp, any solutions please ?

You could create different layout resources for tablets. See Supporting Multiple Screens | Android Developers.

I am also planning to use startApp in one of my app. Do post your startApp stats ?

Thank you, that worked !

i didn’t use startapp yet, i will publish tomorrow tho.