admob alert account about to get disabled ! please help

Hi everyone !

I reached 50 messages from admob saying : " This email is to alert you that one of your applications is not currently in compliance with our AdMob program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your application. " .

for example i have a developer account with 20 apps , if i get 3 suspends the whole account (20 apps) gets suspended , and i end up with 20 messages from admob .

Then yesterday Admob send me an alert saying : " This is a formal warning that your AdMob account (XXXXXXXX) is at risk of being temporarily suspended and/or permanently disabled if you continue to accrue policy violations. This is not a notification of a new policy violation. You are receiving this warning because your account has a history of repeated or severe violations of our programme policies. "

What to do now ? And how to avoid the first message ? Do i have to delete admob ads of the suspended app or suspended developer account as soon as they are deleted to not get the first message ?

Thanks again