ADMob AdSense - If this is true it is very all the developers are at risk

Google Denies Shady Claim That AdSense Robbed Publishers | TechCrunch

Google AdSense Leak -

It was already discussed here:
Almost certainly a fake by someone disgruntled with way Google treats developers.

Whether or not the articule is true , Google does ban adsense accounts regularly for no reason. Even if you follow thier TOS you still have a chance to get banned. The only reason google does get away with it is because those who do get paid defend google right or wrong.

The real reason they often get away with it is because you have to accept their terms and conditions which state things like this:

Google may at any time terminate the Agreement, or suspend or terminate the participation of any Property in the Services for any reason. If we terminate the Agreement due to your breach or due to invalid activity, we may withhold unpaid amounts or charge back your account. If you breach the Agreement or Google suspends or terminates your Account, you (i) will not be allowed to create a new Account, and (ii) may not be permitted to monetize content on other Google products.