Admob Ad serving issue?

I have already upgraded to new admob long back. For last few hours, I can see no ad served to my apps (with legacy ad units). This problem has been reported by other users also on admob google group. Are you experiencing any such problem?

Yes. I am facing same issue for last 8-9 hours.

I have upgraded to new admob also. Reported this issue in another thread here.

But strange thing is that Apps which are integrated with “Google Play Services” are showing ads.
I tried with one ad unit(taken from one of my apps which are not served with ads) and tested with the test app which is integrated with Google Services and thats showing ads.

Does it mean that now Google wants us to go for Google Play Services??
Almost every month they are forcing us to adopt new things, else they might stop serving ads. WTF man :frowning:

Yes. My apps are not integrated with Google Play Services and I’m experiencing the same.

After 10 hours of gap,admob ads are shown up now.

10 hours revenue is NULL because of admob :frowning:

kindly share yours if it started working for you?

Yes, it s showing now. Lost more than 50% of day’s revenue :frowning:

Yes, it’s back to normal now, but lost about 40%.

The same situation here. Yesterday is about 40% less revenue.

Although ad impressions have started appearing back, no. of impression is much less than what I normally get. is everything normal at your end?

Yes the number of impressions is back to normal now.
Do you think the shut down was related with apps not being integrated with Google Play Services?

No idea. I am still not able to see ads in two of my apps in my device. Although ads are getting served for same apps if I use emulator or other device. Something has been messed up while they shutdown legacy admob yesterday :frowning:

Same thing here, almost exactly 40% revenue loss. Woke up freaking out so I checked here, glad it’s not just me. My apps that have play services are still affected. Revenue is still low this morning. Grrr…

Same here, lost around 30-40% yesterday. But today it seems to be lower than normal, also. Can anyone confirm if they are being affected today also?

Yes 30% less impressions than normal today too. Not sure if they are going to do anything to fix this though.

Same here :frowning:

Well I rolled out an emergency update with the new SDK. Well, I was holding to release it with a new “useful” version of my game, but had to release the update with the new SDK only. Google’s loss.

Tomorrow I will post again to say if it solved or not, and we can compare with whoever didnt update the SDK.!topicsearchin/google-admob-ads-sdk/messageid$3A"[email protected]"/google-admob-ads-sdk/L0iecCOekK0

they explain the problem there.

Yesterday I lost around 40-50%. And today it seems to be equally low :confused: .

The update I pushed has reached only a small part of my users, so it will take a few days to effectively test it. By then I think (or hope) they will have fixed it.

Same with me, ads very slow to load, revenue drop 30%

For me today is being much better than yesterday, but dont know if back to normal yet. And also I dont know if it’s due to the update I made (upgraded the SDK), or if they fixed it on their side. Any more reports?

@rottz: I have noticed the same, e.g. better (or even normal) impressions. I don’t think that this is because of your update.