Admob "ad serving has been disabled to your application"

past week i got on 2 different games the same crap from admob saying:

i show these ads between game levels, when one level finishes (and a user need to click to proceed to the next level) and in between those i put these ads.

i actually did that because i got a call from admob suggesting me to do that,

so the question is:
where is the best place to put those damn ads? between game levels are now giving too many problem, so will putting them only on game menu be better?

if you guys got some suggestion i would love to hear them,


will someone please ban this asshole?

Maybe you should ask your question in the Advertising networks section

You can try another ad format [offer wall].
Reward your users with coins or lives.

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Use other ad networks than admob is the best solution.

Price of advice. Don’t appeal straight away. Give it a day. Update your up and remove the interstitial from the beginning and the end. Wait for the app to go live then appeal and tell them what you changed and how your app conforms to their bullshit now. Good luck