Admob account suspend

dear all,

I got the email for admob, they suspend my account 30 days 1 time already because of invalid activity on click but I never do something on my advertise. and after 30 days they open back my account but only 2 hours they suspend it again because of the same reason. and I don’t do anything. I think may be someone do bad on my app.

I would like to change my admob to new account and link my app to this new account, it is possible or not? and it has any problem or not? So i can close the old one.

Thank in advance for your sharing.

From what I understand, Admob closes your account meaning you are not making any revenue.

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Why not use other network?Our latest SDK provides Mediation which would select the best ads among AdMob,StartApp,MobFox…etc to ensure the highest eCPM and best fill rate,especially weekly payment

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