admob account reinstated.. need help

Hi guys,

I had my admob account banned few days back so I switched to startapp for all my three apps. Just today morning I got a mail from Google that my adsense account is reinstated.

so below are my queries,

  1. I have already moved to startapp and can I revert back my code to admob? if so, what is the probability that the current users update their app and come to latest version to get the admob ads?

  2. Can I use admob for banner and interstitial and startapp for slider and exit ads? Will google ban me if I do so? is it legal to have two ad networks?

3.If I completely migrate back to admob what shall I do with the dollars earned in startapp (its just some 4$)?

  1. What is the best way to increase the earnings as am new to this ?


  1. As any other update that you will do, give them some time and finally most of them will update. May take longer or not, it depends also in what kind of application you have and amount of users.

  2. You can use multiple ad networks in your application. They are even offering you something called Mediation Guide to AdMob mediation (bidding & waterfall) - Google AdMob Help

  3. You can’t do anything, sometimes we have to lose in order to earn more. Or just stay longer, reach their minimum payment, and then just move.

  4. Ad location and ad unit. Banner won’t give you the most, but it can help to get some more when you are not showing anything else. If you ask me, interstitial/appwall or something full screen on app launch (just when the application opened) will give you great result (well I don’t know how you are doing actually). Then depend on your user’s GEO. Some ad networks are working great in some places and in others just sucks. You will need to spend some time in order to find the best configuration to get the most out of your apps.


Thanks a lot for the info bro,

I will surely keep in mind the inputs given by you when am upgrading the apps.


I think the fact that you got your account reinstated is a real shocker here. Do you mind sharing how that all came about?