AdMob Account Disabled

To be honest, this is what I was thinking too.

David, I must say that you are the only person that Iv’e ever heard of to get their account reinstated. My account got banned in the Summer of 2012, and I never bothered appealing because I never knew that ANYONE won.

I’ve done this to small degree, and it’s not difficult:
each app checks for a file on my server every N minutes and stored fetched values locally. This file just contains ratios. example:


This just means that mopub is used 99% of the time. Within 10 minutes of me learning that my admob account was banned, all of my apps were using mopub or mobclix.

Now, since Mobclix is having trouble paying us, I am too dependant on Mopub, so I am thinking about integrating Burstly (or some other mediator) for a secondary.

So this method is more like an “Oh shit switch” than a mediator, but effective enough.

Using own server is one option.

You can also use AppBrain Remote Settings to do much the same thing - without needing to maintain a server.

The only difference there is you need to get comfortable about how AppBrain Remote Settings are updated/cached etc. (since it only queries AppBrain once a day max).

So that creates some complication in testing etc. (as app has a cached version of setting that it won’t forget unless do Clear Data etc.).

So using own server may not be bad - and the 1K to 10K server accesses (assuming you have 1K to 10K Daily Active Users (DAU)) should not tax your servers too much either (the cheap hosting accounts for instance).

The cost of a server should be trivial long before this point. The whole is idea is to not be dependant on anyone, including appbrain. I also have a mirror, but but not want to complicate a simple idea

Well, they disabled my AdMob account again this week. Just like last time, I have no idea what caused this. I sent an appeal with much the same justification as last time, and this is the response I received:


Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate the additional information you’ve provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdMob program. However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re unable to reinstate your AdMob account.

As a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns about your account, the actions we’ve taken, or invalid activity in general, you can find more information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team

So looks like my AdMob account is now permanently disabled. Goodbye, AdMob Mediation. Time to write my own.

Damn, Dave… What was a reason that they’ve disabled your admob account? From which of your apps?

sure you can david. Yesterday I saw a review of your iphone4 app in one of the Android magazine which is just awesome. With the number of users you have for your apps, any ad network will be ready to have you. Admob is exception :frowning:

That’s the frustrating thing - I have no idea why, or whether it was a single app, or anything. I asked them to please let me know what TOS I infringed, but they completely ignored the question. It’s pretty hard to change what I’m doing if they don’t give me the slightest hint as to what I’ve supposedly done wrong!

@david Google has never told the reason why they terminated your account, I have face this but with Adwords.

Hope you can find the way to get back your account.

This is seriously extremely annoying. Now I’m worried about my admob earnings :confused:

I’ll have to focus on different advertisers

What David was doing is risky (Using admob for mediation but not resulting in any revenue for google/admob because no admob ads are displayed).
We have been using admob for over 30 months now without single issue. I Wouldnt be worried about admob unless I am pushing limits.

Ah, that’s for calming me down a little bit :slight_smile:

This is has been long time, but please tell me more detail if not top secret: how can you use the ratio for display in app? For example:
In one day you display admob from 0:00 ->12:00 and mopub from 12:00->23:59?

David have posted a great tutorial about this here:->[tutorial]-how-use-appbrain-remote-settings-ad-network-mediation.html

There you can show what can be the ratio of displaying ads for adNetworks.

Yesterday my admob also been disabled without reason. I am not happy at all.
At least let me know what is the problem… i haven’t change anything for 6 months
when the revenue is getting hire and hire suddenly they disabled the account. S**k.

I contacted the admob person who asked me to join them, and now waiting for any response,
which I know is useless.

It is so unfair. I am looking for the best way to make it fair. Maybe I will create an app
called AdBomB. We have to do it or they will keep bullying us small developers.

Admob s**ks. I joined because the sound so good admob’s lady asked to join them.

admob, beware of dogs.

Did you use any other ads? Push ads? Were your apps high quality or “mass produced”? What was your eCPM - maybe you had too many false clicks?

The app has always been on the tops in its category. Few months ago reach 1st place.
eCPM $10 while 1st place. Until disabled around $3-$5 only. The CTR never reach 5.
Recently I just added some apps, not more than 10. How many is mass produce?
Quality? go to heck. tons of s**ts in the store. ogle why approve at 1st place if no quality.
Ogle if wanna copy Apple please copy everything also the attitude.

Its fine being disabled, just give me the reason. I dont see anything, why there is no warning at all,
there are not all trying to manipulate, a lot of them is serious dev I believe, like me.
Sometimes people do mistake, and oogle monkey never, which is not human anymore.

I dont care about the revenue anymore, just the time I have spent…

Just like being punished for what we’ve never done.
Now lets go bombing.

I’m curious what role country origin plays in Google’s banning decisions. Anyone here from the US get banned or is it all out of US bans?

I’m just trying to find out what might cause Google to ban. It’s hard to find a reason sometimes, but other times it’s quite obvious.

CTR looks high but not dangerously high. Maybe they checked why it’s so high and decided you put the ads too close to buttons? What was your ad placement?
Unless you had turned off refresh of ads (CTR will naturally be higher then)? What was your refresh rate?

Recently I just added some apps, not more than 10. How many is mass produce?

Well, some people have more than 100. Since your Google Play account was not banned, the app itself was probably not the reason.

Quality? go to heck. tons of s**ts in the store. ogle why approve at 1st place if no quality.
Ogle if wanna copy Apple please copy everything also the attitude.

You can’t change it though, so you have to adapt and be careful.

Its fine being disabled, just give me the reason. I dont see anything, why there is no warning at all,

Welcome to Google’s world. Since your Google Play account is fine, best course of action is to move to other ad networks.

Anyway, I would bet the reason is CTR and bad placement of ads.

I’m in the US. In fact, I live a few miles from the Google HQ. Every morning I’m riding my bike to work on the trail that leads to Google, wondering if the obvious Google employees I see riding to work on that trail could help me getting my account unbanned, lol.