adiquity worst eCPM you can get

any one have experience in working with adiquity , their eCPM down to 0.14 :mad:

Hi Hany,

Can you please reach out to your account manager. It might be that the campaigns for your top countries were low paying or there were some issues with the traffic in general.

We would be happy to work with you and bring things upto the mark. PM me if you need more assistance.

my top countries in middle east ,but even that the eCPM is tooooo low ,the worst i have with other ads companies is more 0.5:mad:

Appreciate your feedback Hany.

Middle east is a bit tricky since there are not many high paying campaigns always. However, we try to ensure none of our publishers inventory goes waste. I am sure you would have fill rates over 99% for middle east as well.

If you are getting 50 cents+ from other networks, you can give them higher priority and keep us as back-fill. We would be more than happy to help you in whatever way possible.

Where do you get more than 50 for middle east? My admob gives me 0.17-0.25

i was get 0.5 and sometimes more from admob ,also Startapp give more ,applovin also (but i left them after their sdk plack listed on play market)
even Adiquity was give me more 0.5 ,but like most ads company they give you good eCPM when you are join them ,so you add more apps ,then make your eCPM down

Hi Hany,

I had a word with your account manager and I think we have figured out the reason for the low eCPM.

Your traffic has reduced drastically off late which makes it difficult for our system to optimize campaigns. Our yield optimization works best if we have good volumes so that we can weed out campaigns that don’t perform. If the volumes are low, it impedes this process.

If you can share a minimum of 100,000 requests per day I am sure we will be able to give you over 50 cents eCPM as we have been delivering until your volumes dropped.

I’m using adtomatik for the last two months ago and got very good results, higher fill rates and best ecpm than others ad networks