AdIQuity Updates its API to ver.2.1 with Added Features

The AdIQuity Mobile Ads API allows you to easily place high-quality display ads from the our Mobile Ad Network in your app. Our API can help you better monetize your apps and gain exclusive access to highly relevant ads from our multiple ad sources globally.

Our API update features:

You can send Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IFA or IDFA)

  • IFA/IDFA segments different users by similar search or browsing activity and thus your users get relevant and targeted ads
  • From May 2014, Apple has started rejecting apps that use UDID instead of IFA/IDFA from its App Store. We have moved on at par and with Adiquity’s API v2.1’s IFA/IDFA feature you have no more worries

Support for Mobile Country Code (MCC), Mobile Network Code (MNC), and Connection Type (ct)

Better tracking with MCC, MNC and CT parameters and users are served relevant ads, in turn

The efficient “Ad count” feature

For multiple ad slots in one page, the Ad count feature eliminates the need for sending multiple ad requests

Support for publisher conversion pingback URL

For every conversion for your app, the publisher conversion pingback URL informs you about it

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