Adiquity offers monetization on Nokia X

Hi Developers,

We’re delightful to announce that [b]AdIQuity’s[/b] offers monetization to app developers on Nokia X, which gives an immense opportunity for android app developers to monetize over Nokia X as well.

Adiquity’s Android SDK and Ads ‘N’velope are compatible with the Android-powered Nokia X. Using these, app developers can monetize their apps on Nokia X without making any integration changes.

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send me link to signup for nokia x developer account.

Just read TOS so Payments are NET65? **** that shit, ill be old and wrinkled by the time I get paid.

they give very low eCPM (now i get under 0.2)

Hi Hany,

I had a look at your account. Your eCPM is low because most of your traffic comes from countries like iraq, algeria, morocco which are not sought after by advertisers. We have been providing fill rates over 98% and eCPM over 50 cents even for these countries until recently. I appreciate your feedback and will ask my sales team to get some more high paying campaigns for these geographies to bring up the eCPM.