Additional/Alternative Revenue Stream Option?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading through developer forums for awhile now and watching our friends struggle to monetize their apps. Between all of the backend partnerships and “net profit” gimmicks it always seems like the developer gets the short end of the stick. So, my brother and I decided to start our own ad network called MADVids. Right now it is in its MVP stage, but we decided to take a different approach to the advertising business by starting with what we knew - apps and customers. Our goal was to make an ad network that works for developers and their users, instead of one that works over developers.

Right now we offer:

  • Cached, short/micro video content that plays instantly even offline
  • Simple/transparent eCPM payout on gross profit - not net profit which considers the ad networks expenses prior to paying out
  • Ability to gain near 100% view-to-completion and fill rates by innate nature of preloading and short, non-skippable content
  • Algorithms that prioritize and match ad content based on the developer’s input as much as the advertiser’s
  • Our algorithms cap the number of repeat ads to enhance the user experience and increase user retention
  • A real person verifies that ad content is appropriate and relevant to your user demographics
  • Geolocation-enabled

Our content is meant to overlay loading screens or fill interstitial slots that are too short for a typical video ad. Since we are still small, our fill rates are still low and our interface is pretty simple. But you don’t have to replace your current monetization engine to try us out. Instead, you can use MADVids in those tight interstitial and loading screens that you aren’t currently utilizing to generate additional/alternate revenue.

We would really love to get your feedback on what does/doesn’t work for you and what you would like to see in an ad network.

All the best,

T +1 303 946 8005
E [email protected] | W MADVids

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