Adding InterstitialAd unit ID out of range?

Hey guys, i wanted to add an InterstitialAd from admob iny one of my apps, but I don’t know what to take as UNIT ID. Mine is

x are all numbers. When I now add the number after the slash, I get “The literal of type int is out of range”. If I mess around with thoser numbers and just take e.g. 6, I get “The constructor InterstitialAd(MainActivity, int) is undefined”

What the hell is wrong with it? I am taking the exact code from here:

Greets, Alex

Have you tried using the entire string of the id, like “ca-app-pub-XXXXX05XXX5X6XXX/XXXX6XXX5X”. I’m using the entire thing and they are working for me.

EDIT Oh damn >.<

I forgot to put the " "

And I am calling myself an IT guy what a shame :frowning:

Thanks for your answer

Glad I helped :slight_smile: