Adding AdMob into project using currently MobFox

Greetings all!

I hope someone will be kind enough to point me in the right direction as I’m a bit confused over this.

I recently signed up with Mobfox and integrated their SDK into my Android app (currently with just banner ads). This works great (App not live yet so I’m only receiving test banners from Mobfox).

I also have an AdMob account and I now wish to also use AdMob in my App for when I don’t receive a Mobfox ad.

I’m not really sure how to proceed. Is Mediation what I need? If so, do I want to set up AdMob in Mobfox mediation or vice-versa? As MobFox support for AdMob isn’t Server-Side, I know I’m guessing I’ll have to also add the AdMob SDK to my project?

I’ve read the AdMob and Mobfox documentation but I’m still a bit confused. I’m new to Ad Networks, so this probably doesn’t help :frowning:

Really hope someone who’s more up on this stuff can give me a few pointers - Thanks!!!