Adcolony 0.01 per completed video?

Anyone using Adcolony?
Are you getting 0.01 per completed video?

Same here. My income is decreased more than half in last 4-5 days. Its really sucks.

Same here, Fillrate is increased but eCPM is decreased (~$1.5-2)

Hey Guys,

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I have the same problem with adcolony. Does anyone have any experience with any other network? I need rewarded videos.

I’m thinking to switch Vungle. Tried them a little time ago and they were fine. Just like regular adcolony.

how much pays Vungle per completed video?

I am using AdColony for two of my games. Here is what I have for the last month:

Fill Rate: 100.00%
CVV : 42,067
eCPM: $4.28
Earnings: $230.06

So they only pay 0.005-0.006$ / CVV.

They only show like 1-2 videos / user / day. They don’t have much inventory.

Any reports for Vungle? I switched to tapjoy.

same here…! ECPM ~1$

Has anyone got payment this month ? Normally, they were paying in the first day of the month but i did not get any payment yet.

Akhadian, our teams would be happy to look into this issue for you; however we can only discuss payment issues directly via email, please include your account information when you reach out. Email our Support team at [email protected] to get the process started.

-AdColony Support

While you are here, could you please read other messages in this thread. Why ecpm’s are that low ? Is there any chance it will be higher soon ?

eCPM is an app by app value with many variables going into this calculation. Anyone with questions about a specific app’s eCPM or trends should contact AdColony’s Support team at [email protected] so that we can work directly with that app/developer.

Hello @CoolApp, you can explore alternative solutions of getting paid per completed video which pays $0.01. Have a look at Pollfish,you can use in the same concept with video ads, but with something much less intrusive like mobile surveys. Pollfish surveys pay minimum $0.30 per completed survey and this price can get up to $2.

Please feel free to ping me at any time if you have more questions either here, or with pm or at [email protected]

Does pollfish has inventory internationally ? I want to reward users with in game currency.

Hello @Intergig, Pollfish has inventory in all over the world running in parallel both global and local surveys according to survey creators’ targeting criteria. You can reward users with in game currency as the screenshots above. In Pollfish SDK documentation you can find all relevant notification that inform you when a survey is available. completed, not available and how much you will earn from each survey so you can prompt your users accordingly.

If you have more questions please let me know I will be happy to help :slight_smile:

Has someone by now contacted the support about this issue? We wanted to change our network and read everywhere that adcolony is pretty good and has high ecpm. We only get $0.75ecpm, which is far from good.

The only answer that I got from Adcolony support is “there are many factors that affect eCPM blah blah blah”…

Have you evaluated how the ad network performs by GEO? Or by OS?

That might give some insight.

You should try CPM based ads…they might perform better for you if these other networks aren’t getting you high rates.