Adbuddiz experience?

I know I have seen an old post about adbuddiz but I was hoping to see maybe there is more recent news about them in terms of revenue and experience.
Anyone care to share?

Thank you


I use them in my apps since last october after they contacted me and invited me to try their network. Their pool of ads is limited compared to AdMob but they are quality ads and they look great. The SDK is easy to integrate and they are easy to reach by email if you have technical questions. They also speak French which is a plus for me (my birth tongue). :slight_smile:

Their dashboard is quite simple and there is not too many options. They don’t display eCPM on the dashboard but you can figure them out by using the revenue and view values. They pay when you reach 100$ of revenue. I had no problem getting paid by them.

I have an eCPM of about 0.75-1$ with them on average.

they keep spamming me to add their sdk in my top app only

Thank Yo for your experience.
What kind of traffic do you? I mean regions wise.

Hey javaexp, can you send me an mp with the name of your app so that I can ask our team to stop contacting you ?