AdAbouts News | Tipalti Selected as Payments Partner

Good news! AdAbouts has chosen Tipalti to process payments globally for our developers.

Based on community feedback and research, it is clear that Tipalti has one of the best offerings on the market.

They offer a wide range of payment options to every country in every currency (including USD payments):

Wire Transfers

ACH (US and International)

Paper Checks

Prepaid Debit Cards

PayPal Integration

Skrill Integration

We are excited to launch with Tipalti as our payments partner, let us know if you have any thoughts.

When can I use it?
What is payment cycle?
What is payment trigger?

Hey Ramzixp,

We are getting closer to launch. Payment cycle is typical net 30 standard payment however we will also be offering weekly payments when requested with terms still being decided.

Thank you Richard for taking our feedback and considering Tipalti as payment provider which is a very trusted player.
Hoping to see how you make difference for the developers.

Yes, Tipalti is great. I have used them on a number of sites before. The best thing is they send money from local bank accounts for most of the countries.

Great news …waiting for the network to be launched :slight_smile:

Only 2 reviews both from companies I don’t know

Never registered to this site which overseas this types of services and provides customer
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I rather use paypal thats tried and tested.

Tipalti is trusted, Airpush, Startapp and Tapjoy are using them. But Adabouts isn’t trusted yet. I suggest everyone to decompile their SDK and check yourself, their “mediation algorithm” if it’s not random as alphagravel.
Also compare it to appodeal and adstoapp sdks. Adstoapp was “independent” but I found that brand owner is appodeal scam.

Tipalti is good! mC, StartApp, AdtoApp, etc…use this service. So it is a good way to go for AdAbout.

Anyway, I am really curious about getting payment via Prepaid Debit Card in tipalti. Can I use regular credit card with this option? Anyone knows?

Hey @EliteDeveloper

We wanted to be able to provide this option and are really happy to be able to offer it with Tipalti.

Unfortunately, prepaid debit cards and credit cards don’t mix. The prepaid card is a separate account that has to be set up.

The great thing about Tipalti is that you can set up various payment methods if you like and decide how you want to be paid.


Fully understood Ramzixp. We have “looked” at some of our competitors and have not been impressed to say the least. Once we release our SDK you are more than welcome to tear it apart and look within. What you will find is that everything we do is handled server side through our enhanced RTB process. There is very little to do SDK side which is one of the ways we can keep the size small. You can consider our service more of a direct integration ad exchange in a sense.

you can’t decompile an actual SDK if the SDK is done properly …I should know considering I’ve been running my own private ad network for the last 2 years …most ad network SDK’s are half-assed though which is why you can see everything

Btw ad abouts, not to rain on your parade but making the network is half the work, giving people good eCPMs is half the work, consistency will be your key to success.

Have you guys tested your network yourselves? have you scaled traffic on it to make sure when you’re doing 50m+ impr a day the entire system just doesn’t crash and eat it?

And getting big developers will either kill the company or make it…and i’ll tell you right now, it’s not as easy as you might think to get a developer whos already making great $$ with admob to move over to your network


Technically you can decompile anything, it’s a matter of how easy it is to follow along with the code and if obfuscation techniques were used etc. I agree with you on most ad network SDK’s being “half assed” as you say. We too have inspected several.

We are fully aware that building a good network and driving good eCPM’s is critical amongst other things.

In regards to testing we will only release to a limited set of people and slowly launch to more and more as we validate everything works as expected before a full public release. What I can tell you is we have experience in big data solutions, I have personally developed software for the government dealing with mass amounts of weather data on a large scale, in addition have created software that tied into programmatic trading on the foreign exchange where transaction time is critical.

Point being we will have a controlled scaled roll out to verify all operations are running smoothly before a full on public release. We are of course testing on our own internal affiliated apps before our initial beta release :slight_smile:

We are fully aware that bringing on “big developers” it not so easy. We expect to prove ourselves out first and know this all takes time. Your comments are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from more of you.

That’s great to hear you’re doing a controlled release, I think it’s the best way to go instead of just rushing a product out hoping to produce revenue, it’s how I’ve been building mine up.

If you guys have an API maybe we can work together on a network level. I’ll keep a look out for when you open a beta release and we can discuss it more then.


You can decompile many SDKs easily without any problem. Mostly, networks are not using even obfuscation. I have even modified SDKs of couple networks, to change class names (google cannot recognise them any more), some networks also have personalized SDK with developer key, I had to hide it someway, so created own SDKs.

Maybe you have right, some SDKs cannot decompile in proper way but you can follow action and see some cheating. For example, Alphagravel have just pathetic random, they are creating random hashmap of preloaded ads, after that they are displaying ads in random…and giving random cash for impressions. WTF? … but thanks to them, I learned gradle because multi-dex must have. Eclipse is now poor for me ^^

After notifymob, mobario, tapcontext, mobvista, alphagravel and even maybe appodeal, I recommend everyone to:

  1. Check company on linkedin and find the brand, read about these people
  2. Download SDK, analyze it with some decompiler to figure out what is happening
  3. Integrate SDK, try 100-200 test impressions with button listener
  4. Check your logcat
  5. If you know how, analyze traffic with some tool (appodeal can be a bot farm, not evidence for now but people write about it)
  6. Don’t integrate it with full time, put it in backfill and if good, try to use it more in… new apps

It’s sad but many ad networks scams last days. Adbouts can be good but what we know? Nothing… so many ad networks cheated us.