AdAbouts - Join Us, Become a Founding Member is seeking people from all walks of life to join us in our journey to create a new ad platform/exchange/family. In case you didn’t see any earlier posts about AdAbouts, we are an App development company pivoting all of our efforts to create a brand new Ad Exchange that we know will change the industry from the ground up in many ways.

Enhanced Real-Time Bidding - one SDK for multiple networks, DSP’s and exchanges with server to server integration that automatically selects the most relevant and highest paying ad, not only on bid but Value Score which takes into account conversion and relevance.

Location 2.0 with Location State works to solve the problem with inaccurate location via a patent pending hyper local process offering a level of refinement unseen in the industry.

Market Transparency - AdAbouts pulls back the shroud covering the data behind what Ad exchanges make off of you, the publisher.

But most importantly, sharing this journey with our comrades, our peers, our family.

We are looking for extraordinary developers to join our efforts and have a chance to mold this exchange to fulfill your mobile advertising needs and desires. Or help us guide the ship to deliver something like you’ve never seen before. Provide feedback to people with brains and ears that will be VERY involved in the community.

We are asking that people join our forum at App Monetization Strategies ? Index page and become a Founding Member of the AdAbouts product at Join the Movement | AdAbouts. Being a Founding Member in our eyes means we listened to what you had to say and took action on it and we wont forget that.

You will be a Founding Member of AdAbouts for life and will be treated as such:
We are talking about giving 100% of the earnings to founding members during the beta phase.
You will receive a 10% greater revenue split than anyone else forever.
Special title in the forum (Founding Member)
Invited to special events (TBD)