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AD revenue will it go normal again?

My ad revenue is getting low. From what i see in this forum everyone seems to experience this.will this get normal again in coming days (or more worse)what do you guys think?.

i would also like to know the input from ad network representatives about this. thanks.

Why not try more ad networks?

It was normal that revenue going up and down. Switch ad network if you need more testing/comparison.

Hi @bailey,

As @shuiwo wrote - Testing a few ad networks at the same time and reviewing results is always a good idea. However there are times when due to a lack of good campaigns in certian countries (or worldwide) - eCPM shrinks and revenue decreases. I can guarantee you that this is temporary. Mobile advertising is on the rise, and good campaigns are always around the corner, if the network you are using is good enough to find them…

Its 2nd week of a new quarter so demand is often softer and CPMs on the decline. Give it another few weeks and you should see a climb in CPMs overall. With that being said and to echo what everyone else said, its always extremely beneficial to test multiple networks and NOT put all your eggs in one basket. With mediation you can do this easily. Test new networks, pause them if they aren’t preforming or giving you poor CPMs.

If you’re interested check out AerServ mediation. We support all the top ad networks such as Admob, Vungle, AdColony, InMobi, VServ, Millennial Media, iAds and many more. The majority of our networks are supported via S2S so it makes integration extremely simple, no more having to hassle with bulky 3rd part SDKs.

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Hey @bailey,

From what I’ve been reading on other forums and blogs, I think that the key to consistently high ad revenues is by using different ad networks. While most users are seeing drops in ad revenue, Supersonic’s eCPM for interstitial ads is $3, higher then a few months ago. It’s all about riding the wave, at the right ad network, at the right time.

Hi bailey,

The mobile ad market fluctuates and it’s true that the demand on the advertiser side is a bit slow these days but it’s coming back up.
Our team just signed new nice campaigns.

From your end, you can maximise the revenue your app generates by focusing on user loyalty: fixing bugs, checking where the ads are displayed etc.

By the way, with our solution, you can choose exactly where and how often to display the ads, so that they don’t annoy your users.
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hi, bailey

do you launch your app in google play store?
if your apps are in google play store, maybe you can try SinceStar IN APP SDK, which pays for CPM, once the ad show, you get the payment, even if the user do nothing with the ad. CPM up to $3dollar

if your apps are in third market, maybe you can try SinceStar OUT APP SDK, which pays for PPD.In this model you earn every time your application is installed. PPD up to $0.06 per download.

weekly payment, once sign up, you can get $10 bonus.

I think it will go more down.

I am hoping it goes up. My revenue is slightly down since April

I wouldn’t worry about it. Advertisers have budgets and they base them on seasonal or quarterly goals. There are always new and reliable advertisers that add to their budgets throughout the year. The first quarter just ended and we are now in quarter 2, so we should see some more spending. Several of my ad networks have remained at normal revenue levels for me, while only a few have declined. For the moment, no worries. :wink:

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