Ad networks with small sdks for mediation

So I’m quite well settled in with admob but that eCPM floor function caught me eye.

It makes sense to show the users only those ads that actually make you money. If you’ve had experience with flooring eCPM (or mediation) kindly share :slight_smile:

Also, which ad networks have a small sdk? I really don’t want just an ad network sdk increasing my app size greatly…

My app is like 800 Kb and for six months I’ve struggled to keep it under 1Mb for pretty much no reason. Just a weird thing of mine.
So, an ad sdk over 150Kb is a big NO… My question is, which ones are under 150Kb (approx?) I already have the gargatuan 350Kb admob sdk…

Finally, are there any ad networks that don’t require sdk integration at all for mediation?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Did you able to find alternate mediation platform?

I am looking for simple mediation platform like adwhirl ( adwhirl is no longer active and trying to avoid admob mediation).