Ad networks when not on google play

3rd party app stores are most used in tier 3 countries that too on devices which don’t have play store installed so normal app install ads are a waste of impressions for app published on these stores.
I don’t want to go for hummermobi for

  1. Their sdk sends unwanted push and icon ads and collects too much info from user
  2. Every now and then they retire old version of sdk and stop paying for new installs on old sdk.

So what are the options available in such a situation. mC, Appnext, Startapp kind of ad networks fail to monetize this traffic for me. Want to hear any ideas from you guys.
May be pollfish? what else…

Also interested in this. Anybody?

Yes, Ad networks that pay for install are bad for tier 3 countries, so you should look for Ad networks that pay per click.

You can try Inmobi for India/Asia, Admob has best overall world fillrate, then maybe MillenialMedia… These I tried.

Here is a useful list for local and global ad networks(more than 400 ad networks) Extensive List of Mobile Ad Network Companies ? Abhinav Gulyani

Inmobi and MM will want google play to be installed.
Admob can ban anytime for sending such traffic without any warning

May be @DroidGenie or @ramzixp can give more ideas about it

People insults me and wants help, ehh…

appodeal - amazon store, risk of ban is lower when you have amazon. not google play
mopub - applovin+appnext+mobilecore set, applovin because very big last months
startapp sucks - look at their inventory on appbrain, only shitty apps like wifi hackers or pranks

No where in admob tos does it say traffic must come from play store.

oh I mean when app is banned on play store they ban the app on admob and stop serving ads to the play store banned apps. that’s why i assumed that by just publishing on say getjar and not on play store will create problems in admob account.

When admob decides to ban, you know how they behave…

I was looking at ads served by hummermobi out sdk. they show a notification and if user taps on notification, the apk is downloaded and can be installed by enabling “Unknown sources” in device settings. So may be I should look for some global cpa (direct apk download) ad network. Hummermobi is taking full advantage of pushing ads to user by paying pennies to us. Your opinion on this would be valuable.
@ramzixp sorry but i have never insulted you. For me, you are an expert in whatever task you are doing.

Try looking at Airpush bundle 2. I am not sure whether it is still working, but 3rd party app stores doesn’t have much choices anyway…

Admob and fan maybe? I used fan entry of an app live in GP for many apps not on GP. Seems to work with decent stats.

Not to beat a dead horse here, but at Phunware we accept apps not listed on Gplay, just need a valid APK file link.

Phunware Nick

FAN working outside GP? I asked it on Facebook direct help a couple of months ago, and they answered me that it does not work. Have you tested it?

My apps show ads and the revenue is accumulating, but it is too early for payment. So far so good…