Ad networks we trust !!

I want to start this as a following to my other post about the new Google play guidelines.
We are all concerned about the situation the next two days cause they will start dealing with us on the terms of the new guidelines.
We will just tell each other wh are the networks we TRUST and should keep monetize with and the ad networks we cant trust and should remove immediately.

from my experience I think we can trust

admob 95%. - stays the way you present your ads.
startapp 65%. - 80% << lets hope we’re gonna be ok with startapp.

-I think we have to to be so careful with any ad network-

after all we have to keep in mind the way we show our ads.

I wish you all and my self a peaceful change from the old to the new guidelines …:confused::confused:

so what are the ad network you trust ??

Thank you all …

airpush - 99% ( sometimes they have bad ad and deleting it fast), always pay on time, good support
appnext - 100%, safe ads, pay on time
mobilcore - 70% (payment delays), support delays, shitty slow ads, slider ads generating force closes
appbrain - 100% (always safe ads), good payment and support
admob - 0% (they can ban you without any info and grab your earnings)
appwiz - cheaters 0%
mobario - play bans and payment cheats 0%
leadbolt - 20% they fallen with cash, ecpm, payments and can ban in play
mobfox - 5%, no support, reply for ticket after month
startapp - 60%, average payment terms, good support, pay on time, shitty ads

I trust in Startapp too :wink: the best for me forever!

I don’t trust Millennial. Their ads are sometimes on the grey area of GP rules. They have too many of those “you have a new message” types of ads.

Their video interstitials sometimes have a timer on them so you can’t close the interstitials until a certain time has passed. It’s between 5secs and 30seconds.

And sometimes when you wait the length of the video ad and close the interstitial, it gets it starts again and if you close it starts again and again it must be some bug. But that alone would get your app banned.

I don’t know how Google sees these video interstitials that you can’t close for up to 30seconds but it certainly doesn’t make good user experience which Google seem to care a bit more about lately

My experience with appnext and mobilecore is not that good cause they don’t actually pay good money for my traffic. But I guess compatibility with Google guidelines they’re good to go.

Here at CPI Campaigns we advertise only other large apps on Google Play.
We are fully compliant to new and old policies.
Although we only pay per install of our apps via your app.
But we pay a lot :slight_smile:

well its the first time i hear about you guys …
but if you pay allot .
I think i will check you out.

This is awesome … thank you :smiley:

Hey akour, I think we need to first identify what are the factors in why you trust an ad network/platform.

Is it eCPM? Fill? Quality ads (i.e. the design and look of their ad creatives)? Customer service (i.e. Can you contact your account manager via phone, skype, email, etc and is it within the same day, 2 days, 3 days that they respond)?

Being compliant for both iOS and Android app stores (i.e. do they notify you of changes the app stores make)?

Do you see them as a company or can you put a face to the network (i.e. can you tell if they give you personalized responses to your comments and questions, and explain the reasonings to good/bad performance)?

Are they going to be here in the next couple years (i.e. Are they open to sharing with you how they plan to scale their business and what is their strategic vision)?

I guess my point is, there are so many factors as to classifying if an ad network/platform is trustworthy. Let’s provide the guidelines first and then let everyone chime in on which ones they trust and why.

Startapp has the nicest ads I think, they sexy as hell, I get boner each time I see one.

Well yea lets do that!! its really important for us DEVELOPERS to know exactly how the ad network deal with us … cause if not all of us, most of us lost their income source or several apps cause they implemented network X sdk in their apps!