Ad-Networks For India with Good eCPM :-)

My Personal Experience…

Vserv : eCPM $0.8-$1.3 when CTR abt 10%

Admob: eCPM $0.8-$1 when CTR abt 6%

Adiquity: Not used yet

InMobi: Not used yet

Inneractive: Not used yet

BuzzCity: Not used yet

MMedia: Not used yet

applovin : Not used yet

Airpush: About eCPM $1.5 when notifications were allowed

Please provide your feedback also :slight_smile:

How long is the data analysed for?
I heard that InMobi has good ratings for India, but I failed to integrate their sdk, as it gave me errors.

for vServ its abt 1.5 year

others at least 6 months

Thanks for the info.

are you using mobileCore…if yes please share your experience

My stats are really irrelevant, coz my app is not yet live on google play. No impressions in India for the ad network yet. Hopefully things will change soon.

Dear Frnds, I have been using a few Indian ad nets and below is my experience:

Vserve: Fill rates; around 40%, eCPM’s: 30 cents, support; sub average
Buzzcity; Pathetic support couldnt integrate SDK
InMobi; NO support et al did not integrate till now
Adiquity; So far good, fill rates upto 80%, eCPM’s 70 cents, responsive support

Seniors pls guide on other/better APAC/India focussed AdNets for best monetization


I think admob “may” give you similar results because they have alot of indian inventory and amazing fill rates…

With AdIquity, I make 50 cent to $1 eCPM

11357 impressions 700 clicks ctr rate 5.96 ecpm -1.04 -10$
mobile core is not gud for india,i got more money admob than mobile core.they gave 1$ for 1000 interstitial impression .

Any alternative to admob for interstitial ads with good eCpm for India?