Ad networks for a game

Hello ! :smiley:
I need help choosing a ad networks for my game.
So I’m currently developing my first ever Android game in Unity, and it’s pretty soon done.
One concern that I have right now, is which ad network to choose ?
I have done some research on different ad networks, and I was thinking me Appflood or Chartboost for Interstital ads, but I need a ad network which offer banner ads.
And it would be great with banner ads dedicated to games, so they mainly show games(people like games).
I’ve read about Admob, but they seem to have a really low eCPM, I’ve also read about Airpush, but people say it’s terrible these days.

Any advice is appreciated.

  • Andreas :slight_smile:

You could try Appflood, I believe they have banner ads (Unity plugin).

Yeah, I was thinking of using Appflood too, but I think they removed their banner ads.
They’re not on their website :(.

Thanks for the reply though.


Chartboost, Addbuddiz, Revmob for interstitials. They have Unity plugins. Mobfox, MillenialMedia, Mopub, AdMob for banners through MoPub mediation. Or more networks through AdMob mediation.

You can try Burstly Unity plugin. According to description they provide server-to-server mediation for a lot of networks. However, I was unable to get their sample app working as expected. Informed their support. May be you will have better luck.

AppFlood does have banner ads. Send me a PM if you have any questions about integrating them.

Thanks for the reply !
I’m going to do some research about the options you listed.