Ad network to advertise your own aps (CPI based)

Any CPI based ad network that you suggest to use in your own apps?

I will start to advertise my new apps, just couple hundred dollars (sometimes only 100) to boost the downloads in the beginning and need a good ad network for that.

Spent 100$ on startapp, can’t say that I am happy with it, and that was CPC, not CPI.

P.S: my apps are not games (most of the time)

Interested in this aswell. Will let you know in case I find something.

try facebook

wanted to try, but that is CPC based.

If I don’t find one, probably will use facebook

AppBrain and Everbadge. Haven’t tried Everbadge yet, so can’t say much about them. Appbrain is CPI, lowest bid is $0.20 per install, but you won’t get installs very fast at that low bid.

AppBrain is CPI base, but I can get install when bid with more $0.5

@Javanshir The TapIt ad network by Phunware has a sales unit dedicated to CPI campaigns. We pay publishers anything from $.50 - $4.00. Check out TapIt here or message me if you have questions.

you can optimize your Facebook campaign for installs i think, not clicks