Ad network support - your input needed

In our efforts to improve the service we give developers, we have come to realize that service is sometimes even more important than eCPM (but only sometimes :D). Now, of course want to give the best service, but with so many tasks that every employee has, it’s important for us to know what is the highest priority for you.

So, what do you expect from the networks you work with? -
[li]Only payment?
[/li][li]Email support?
[/li][li]IM support (Skype, etc)?
[/li][li]Integration help?
[/li][li]Integration tips to improve eCPMs?

Please share, if you can, what’s important to you.

You pretty much have them ranked yourself Jonathan;) You guys keep up the good work, maybe think of an easier(lower, $200 a week as airpush) threshold for weekly payments and you will have my business for a long time

Actually I would like to see the list of past payments on your website. It’s not there…

AirPush has it done in a very good way, however they for example have payment info always delayed.

the most pressing issue is weekly payment with $200 threshold.
as of now, dashboard and support is ok with me

And for me the PPD payment model is very interesting;)

I know your apps are short lived :smiley:

Good input!
I have officially put this in the pipeline for our technical team. Probably won’t happen within the next 2-3 weeks, but it will happen.

You are both right. Weekly payments is a major issue in my eyes.
Just so you all know - managing payments for more than 3,000 developers ins’t easy, the say the least, especially when you need to pay net 10. But I do want to weekly payment threshold to be much lower. Can’t promise anything, but I’m working on it.

Not sure we will ever do PPD :D, but I will sure to infrom you if we do decide to go that way.

If not, I know where you live … :slight_smile:

  1. Maybe adding banner ad?

  2. Also a better way to use interstitial on “backKeyPress”.

  3. to show only games when you click on “More games” button (right/left up corner button)

Again, good inputs.

  1. Banners will be ready within a month, more or less.
  2. The backKey issue might need a solution outside the SDK. Like a ClickTag or API. Definitely something to focus on.
  3. ‘More games’ will be changed soon to ‘More apps’. It’s actually embarrassing that it hasn’t been changed yet.

Some of you might think these comments are trivial. But for me, it’s gold. So thanks.

how about that “More Apps” to show one app as is now but sometimes to mix it up with a list of apps like startapp? and i learned from another tread that self serving house ads are on the way so that’s great news for me at least

Are you referring to an offerwall and the option for corss pormotion? If so, you are right. It’s coming. For now, the ‘more apps’ button will simply lead directly to a Google Play page instead of opening the interstitial. That should save a step for the user. Should increase eCPM.

The whole point is to give developers tools to create their own app distribution business, as we see it.
More tools lead to more options. More options and a good support/service lead to more revnues and better eCPM.