Ad network for Browser app (ad below WebView)

Apparently it is against the AdMob policy to put an AdView below a WebView which acts like a Web Browser because you are making money off of third party content. To me this seems a bit ridiculous because there are tons of browsers and most of them are crap so if people are using your browser then it must be adding some value not just displaying third party content. Anyways, which ad networks will allow me to have ads below the WebView?


Airpush… They are performing well for me…

Of course we support ads below WebView

Hey there,

At Airpush, we will accept your app without any issue. I would like to suggest using our 360 abstract banner ads. These are more engaging to users than traditional banner ads, ad are performing well for publishers. You can review a demo of them here: Airpush Publisher Demo.

PM me to chat further.


Airpush Nick

Thanks for all the replies.