ad mediation - appodeal, mopub, mobfox?

Hi! Which ad mediation platform is better for an app using interstitial ad and users coming from brazil?

  1. Appodeal
  2. Mopub
  3. MobClix/Axonix
  4. Adtapsy
  5. mobfox

Appodeal (for me) is the better.


I tried Mopub but failed to use. Approval process also takes time. Now I use aerserv and Integration is very easy. I liked them.

Appodeal!! Don’t think twice… :slight_smile:

I am going to be adding Appodeal to my next App as well, although my users are not typically from Brazil (around 4% are)

Hey man, you should try Mobfox !
I’m a product researcher at the Mobfox team and a mobile developer myself,
We have been working really hard and I think that we’ve got a great product !
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Anyway, I really think you should check it out :

MobFox Autopilot Automated Ad Network Mediation

Also feel free to Skype me at [Shahaf Shmuel] or mail me at [email protected] , And I’ll be glad to help you out :slight_smile:

Good luck!

It looks like you know of the different networks out there for you. The struggle is which is the best for YOU? What works well for someone may not do as good for you. Your best bet… pick one and try it.

Also, beyond finding a network that performs well for you is the time it takes to integrate them into your project.

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Good Luck!