Accounts Terminated and Go Back

Guys, I would like to hear report, the people buy a new account and keep live.
Whats tips, really works?
And I have doubt, if I build the project Unity in the old notebook( was banned) and take app and publish in the cybercafe, the google can discover?


Well, I would say once your account gets terminate its pretty much tough to buy an account and maintain it like the way you were doing previously you need to take care a lot of things like you can’t upload your previous app over their or you can’t use the same PC and all… a number of things needed to be taken care of…

Code on any computer but build on another computer with another package name…
But you should reg acc google dev with another computer, another internet line and another VISA/Master card…

Yeah U can make anythng to spoof googele

Nope I don’t think so that you can spoof long with the Google once they found where things are going be sure that you are going to get the another purchased account suspended! and yes that also doesn’t mean that you can’t all you need to do is keep taking the precautionary steps like you should not use the same PC to access that developer account, you need to change your ISP, also you can’t upload the app of the old developer account over to the new one …

i disagree, Google does not scan the actual app (otherwise alot more people would have reported cases like that) ATM. and its very easy to spoof your PC/Internet location. all Google has is an algorithm that targets certain apps/devs, once people figure out what google looks for, it can be changed and “spoofed” from google. these conditions may change over time, but i don’t think they will get worse as google right now is swinging its ban hammer at anything it sees.

Well, I wouldn’t deny your points as who know you may be correct with your point over their too… what I will say over here is we don’t know how Google connects things so I don’t think its bad to take precautionary measure on top ! And I would say that may be the reason why I have … rest I’ll leave thing up to you or anyone who’s on the confusion to decide… !

Try use your family account, it shall works.

Well, @shuiwo I was wonder what actually is family account ??

Using family member’s phone number, cc and email to register.

doesnt work for me, google can somehow detect friends and relatives, I had to register a business and apply for business credit using a business name i created, once i got a business credit card i was able to register a new account. You can use same IP and Same Computer, and even make apps on same computer, but use vmware so it acts like a new pc to publish the apps. been up 6+ months now on my new account.

Well, haven’t tried doing that still ! Who know maybe it can work out… but still I doubt about this one …

PS: I think it doesn’t work as its confirmed by the user @DroidGenie above !