Account banned because Widdit or Airpush

So you suggest that someone from competition reported your apps? Even so, they should be some reason - some proof that are not ok.

I started yesterday to use Mobario because of their new $100 promotion. I am happy to hear that your apps with Mobario weren’t banned :slight_smile:

… yet. :smiley:

So if my application ask the user if he wants to install an 3rd party application to extend the functionality of my app and that 3rd party app is not listed on Google Play, then I can get banned?

Also I’ve went through their Content Policies again and it looks one can get banned for using “Rate Us” dialog… Can anyone acknowledge this?

In my opinion, you will get banned if:

  1. All apps falling under same category are choosen to be banned by google like apps showing ads along with youtube videos of tom and jerry. Note that in this case ban is not because of showing tom and jerry videos but because google looked at layout.xml and saw an Adview next to youtube view. For content related banns, see below points.
  2. Some one sends DMCA notice like apple for fake ios lockscreen apps
  3. A number of users report the app as spam. 1-2 spam reports don’t matter.

You will get banned for content only when someone reports it via DMCA (mostly US and Europe content) or thousands of people reporting it.

did you have an out of app opt in process?

Applications that cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play are prohibited

I don’t know this sentence in Policy. But Airpush allow advertiser user their direct link outside Google Play.
@Phil.Airpush please answer this because you said us AirSDK 1.0 meet Google Policy!!!

Yes we need clarification and actually fix from airpush for that issue. Otherwise personally im gonna remove airpush. :frowning:

As I still haven’t recieved a respone from Google Play I can’t say whos at fault here but I can say this from the two networks I have only talked with Widdit they claim that it is not their fault I still haven’t recieved a response from Airpush as I only sent them a message a few minutes ago.
But while reading other threads about suspended aps and recieved warnings by Google Play about SDKs that have been removed a couple of weeks ago I think that in the case of my suspended aps there is another suspect as about two weeks ago the apps in question were using Mobario’s SDK and then I changed their SDK with Widdit. So I beleive that it is possible my punishment was due to Mobario’s SDK and it was planned from before I changed the SDK. I will repeat I’m not saying who is guilty at this point this is just a possibility. Probably I will know for sure only if Google Play answer to the message that I have sent them.

Hi @zmei,
Thank you for bringing up Mobario into this thread.
I would like first to say that Google does not ban without a warning. They give 2 warnings to fix a specific violation and the 3rd warning is a ban. Google also does not ban you for something that you did in the past!
Surprisingly, you were using Mobario since July till November (until 2 weeks ago), you changed to Widdit, and now you got your ban. During all these months with Mobario, you got no email or warning from Google.
This only goes to show, that ONLY Mobario is truly following the Google Policies.

Mobario is Not an Ad Network. Mobario is an utility which enhances the users mobile experience, and uses similar technology as Facebook Messenger (chat heads), Floating Notes, Appsi Sidebar and other. If those aren’t banned by Google, than Mobario is more than Compliant.

In contrary to Ad Networks, Mobario gives the user the ability to stay connected with their social networks and favorite content while using any other app. Mobario integrates ads in that content. Our advertisements are within Mobario’s utility. As most apps use advertisements to fund their future development, so does Mobario.

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The difference between for example Floating Notes and mobario is that users knows that’s what they’re installing when installing for example floating notes.
When a user installs an app and Mobario also gets installed the user will probably have no idea why that happened (judging from comments on apps with mobario).

So in my opinion you can’t say that because Floating Notes or Facebook Messenger has a similar future and are not removed that must mean you’re “more than compliant” as they’re not really comparable. Especially when the main idea of your ‘utility’ is to earn money from the user.

Just my $0.02

You are right. Mobario is not a ad network, its a non-profit charitable organisation built for developers. Mobario’s mission is to feed “poor” developers by paying them $$ per install. Great cause indeed.

Your post are hilarious man.

Hi @Solirify,

Thank you for your comment and allowing me to sharpen my example of the “Floating Notes”.

[ol]My example was only to point out the similarity in the technology and not the means of distribution. Although, should “Floating Notes” decide to use an SDK to distribute their product that would not change anything.
[li]Google does not judge the method of distribution. Google does judge if your product follows the Google Policy in Full, which in Mobario does.
[/li][li]Some users don’t remember maybe what they consented to, but Mobario shows a EULA (which Google requests) and asks for the user’s full consent prior to installing Mobario. Furthermore, Mobario offers a video tutorial on how to use/remove Mobario on the EULA page. So in this respect as in all respects, Mobario follows the Google Policy in the most strictest manner.[/ol]
And lastly, although @zmei is not pointing fingers, but did mention Mobario in 1 of his comments as a possibility because of past use, the is in total contrast to the method that Google works and furthermore, the violation that was received in this case has to do with

Violation of the dangerous products provision of the Content Policy
, which has nothing to do with Mobario’s product.

I hope that my $0.03 out ways your $0.02 :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that you will give Mobario a chance in the near future and give us your professional opinion after trying it.

Thanks again,

not exactly…violations is “Applications that cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play are prohibited.”

Exactly. We have no such products of this sort.
You are always welcome to come back to Mobario where you were safe for the past MONTHS!

But if you want to risk your apps with others, that is your choice. In 3 months, not 1 warning from Google, and than 2 weeks with other products and BOOM.

Doesn’t take a genius to understand what happened here…

On a separate note, In 6 months that Mobario has had its widget live, there were 2 developers that “claimed” that they were using Mobario and that Mobario is “for sure the source of all their troubles”.

And in a 2 week period, 100s and maybe 1000s of apps were banned by developers using Widdit, StartApp, AirPush, AppWiz, PingJam (Not pointing fingers just repeating what was quoted here in the forum), and not 1 claiming Mobario…

With 1000s of Developers of all sizes using Mobario, would would expect someone to say something…

Well we know that after I post this post, all those Aliases of the different Ad Networks will start claiming they had Mobario and were banned!!!

Just my $0.03 :wink:

you are always one step ahead. Its usually $0.02 and you incremented it also.