Accidentally changed app's title in Google Play

Two weeks ago when I was adding localisation support for my app, I unintentionally changed English title to German title without noticing then nightmare started: my download was cut 50% off and raking went down by 200. Three days later I discovered my stupid mistake and I changed the app title back but until today I didn’t see any indication that daily download is recovering.

I believe no one has experience like me cause it’s stupid. My question is does Google Play need a long time to reestablish my ranking and download from scratch?

Just change it to the title you want to have. It should eventually stabilize.

If it was a new app, you will have lost time in your 1 month honeymoon that Google offers (i.e. promotes new apps).

I once put German release notes and downloads dropped in a similar way. It took about a day or two to stabilise after fixing the issue,

Like the others said, it should re-stabilize in time. Maybe not putting you back where you were, but somewhere close at least.

Be thankful you didn’t accidentally translate something to an insulting word. I once did that for my Russian title and oh boy did people lash out. Didn’t realise for about 1 month, but the rating has recovered now. Just takes time.

Hi thanks for your reply, this app has been in Google play for one year and half. Still no sign of recovery today. Over one week now.

It was over 10K download per day, now it’s just 5K…


Dude, when I i added start-app to my popular app I forgot to update my developer-id and app-id and they remain default for 1 month, yes 1 month until I was updating my app and accidently found my mistake. Till then very min. revenue was generated from start-app(from my other less famous app, I use same app-id for all apps) and all I was thinking that the network sucks or people don’t like startapp. And the day after i updated my app with correct id’s I made 18$/day instead of $2/day. It was a damn lesson for me.

My revenue dropped from $500 to $250…per day