Access Google Play Top list from different country?

Hi there! I’m kinda new around and still learning.

I was wondering, is there a way to access the top list of different country.

Ex : I’m from Canada, but I want to check the Top free new release for pakistan, US and australia. Can I access them?

The reason why I want to see that is because my first Admob campaign, I didn’t target any country.

I went with a low bids, and got mostly downloads from Pakistan. Yer I can’t know If I’m ranked in their new free top.

Thank you!

You can see all that in :wink:

Feel free to share your apps if you want to :wink:

Thank you I will try that!

Good idea, I will add them in my signature. :wink:

To follow on this :). Another question on this can you see search results for different countries? I want to know if I rank on a certain search term in different countries. (Or are the search terms results universal)?

In the past with a rooted phone, you could easily switch the Play Store with the Market Access app. The app simulates another SIM card for the Play Store app, which use to make its decision on which countries choice of content you should see based on the SIM card origin.