about appnext

how do you think about appnext

I’m trying Appnext with my new app as I heard they have good eCPM, but the results not very good. As they only pay you for installs, it really much depend on the running campaigns, most of campaigns advertised in my app, their rating and reviews are not good, so my users are not interested, with 600+ clicks I only have 4 installs about $9 , my CR always less than 1%, with 600 clicks I earn $50 with FAN.

they only pay to install it?

Yes, they only operate on CPI model

For me appnext works well on applaunch , but yes it depends of ad campaign :wink: Im waiting when appnext will add random other ads templates like in startapp etc. when user learned how they template works, they automatically click on skip button , so you have to mix it with other ad network.

Appnext will make payout from march to 10th april yes ?

I was disappointed with appnext, they blocked my account the date of payment will arrive. by reason of CR 50%. I’M NOT SURE, they did not reply to my email

How could you get such high CR? did you reward users to install Apps from AppNext ads or something like that?

I have only a few users to install apps through me, it was just a recommendation, I do not know exactly what they are doing, intentionally

Of course we will :slight_smile:

I think this quote speaks for itself. I strongly suggest that you move on. The performance, in addition to what you admitted, left no room for thought. Let’s all move forward :slight_smile:

On a side note - If any one of you is seeing 50% CR in any non-incent ad network, something must be very wrong.

I was wrong recommends apps. This means killing me

This may be my fault, I was disappointed because appnext not appreciate my email. I must apologize to jonathan. The accident in my apps