A special gift for all FHRITP fans!

Have you ever wished to interrupt the news with the legendary words of Fred: “Fck her right in the pssy”? Now it’s your chance!
One of this year’s most-anticipated games is finally here! The official FHRITP game.
A worldwide phenomenon integrated into an mobile app starring the legend himself, Fred. The game is an endless runner where you have the chance to step into Fred’s dangerous life and spread the popular FHRITP words without being caught by the police.

„This is our first official mobile game and also the beginning of our journey as we’re opening our new mobile game studio NextUs. Our main focus here at NextUs Studio is to produce the top unconventional and creative games on the markets supporting a grass-roots-like approach for all of our titles.”
That being said, we would sincerely appreciate if you could review, share, spread and/or promote our game.
You can also access the official press release for more info: http://goo.gl/uERGSZ

The game is very simple but has a collection of addictive elements originating from the top hits i.e. Flappy Bird, Stick Hero, Fun Run, Swing Copters, Timberman etc.

You never know when a reporter comes up. Neither do you know when you’ll get catched by an angry cop.
Tap to run from the left cop but keep an eye for the other unpredictable ones that want you punished.
Swipe Down to hide from the police or Swipe Up to disturb the news. All these with one purpose: To beat your highscore and become the best FHRITP guy!
A simple but addictive game which needs a lot of dexterity and fast decisions.

Don’t have the guts to say it out loud in real life? Then try it in the FHRITP Official Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextus.fhritp

The popular FHRITP phenomenon is now available on your android phones and tablets and soon it will be released on IOS too.
FHRITP The Official Game is free to download and play
Further updates like new items, new skins and new levels will be added soon.

Train your skills in the game for the REAL live opportunity!

We thank You and wish You happy holidays,
NextUs Studio - Team