a noob here, help me to start learning guys

Hello guys.
The thing is , i’m doing web development, SEo , SEM , Social media marketing and stuff like that since a few years.
Developed Plenty of Websites, and completed many projects.
not that i’m a coder or anything. i been using CMS to develop Websites and stuff.
now i believe to develop Android apps, you must have to learn java script or something right.
i want to start learning stuff.
Can you guys help me start learning ?
where to start? What exactly to master
i’m a fast learner, but considering i have no coding knowledge, it will take hell lot of time.
But i have got some really great ideas about apps.
n i surely want to develop some games, apps Soon.
All of the suggestions, tips would be appreciated

Set yourself a little goal like e.g. a calc. Read about android lifecycle, how you add buttons, how you add ClickListeners for them. Look up all the words you dont know (e.g. waht a View is). Android isn’t written in Javaascript, but in Java. Even the syntax is a bit similar, these are totally different things

No one on this planet has the time to teach you, I think every single member of this forum learned it by himself.

Good luck!

Hi Johnwoo, I’m in the same position as you. I have tried to learn Android native code before but then didn’t continue. I’ve worked with Jquery mobile and Phonegap which I think is an awesome alternative over learning native code, because it’s just html, jquery, php etc. You just need to make your app on Jquery mobile then use Phonegap to transfer it Android or iOS. Haven’t made my own app yet although I have some ideas.

Hope that helped.

I would learn java first, Java 2 Black Book: Steven Holzner: 9781588800978: Amazon.com: Books

and then an introductory book on android, Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform (Pragmatic Programmers): Ed Burnette: 9781934356562: Amazon.com: Books


You can check my android video tutorials from my signature and also articles on my blog on Android category

Another thing you can try is Basic4android (Basic for Android) - Rapid Application Development. I know a lot of successful developers have used it.

First you’d have to think about what kinds of apps you’re going to make. If snappy performance is not a concern, and they’re not very close to the hardware, then I’d suggest leveraging your web dev experience and go with an HTML5 framework like PhoneGap that someone else recommended above. If you want to make games, look into tools like Unity3D which uses its own IDE and presumably easier to learn scripting language.

But if you’re set on learning how to program native Android apps from scratch, forget about Android specific books and tutorials, and learn plain old bare bones Java first. Start writing console applications and applets, maybe even an app with a Swing GUI. Once you have mastered Java, you can start delving into Android specific stuff.

Keep in mind that by doing that you will be very limited on the type of apps you can produce, learning the native code will give you a lot more freedom

Phonegap is a great way to start learning android if you know html and js. It can help you to stay motivated as you will see results quickly.
You can start learning native android by creating phonegap plugins that access native code and APIs.
Eventually you will get familiar enough with android to start developing native apps.

But I have to agree with Steve that phonegap limits the number of apps you can create and also may not provide the best user experience (you will have problems following android design guidelines).
However there is a lot you can do with phonegap plugins…

I’d like to add to what the others said
Step 1-Learn java from
-head first java
-java building blocks

Step 2- head towards collection classes , generics , threading , networking (and intermediate topics like those)

Step 3- Begin android
Head first android
Beginning android
Android for java programmers
And many many more…

Basically you just keep learning new things day by day :slight_smile: hope this helps

I’ve been learning on a hundred of places: pdf of books (Wiley was the best for me), online tutorials, study of given examples, youtube channels (mybringback is a great channel), questions and answers (Stack Overflow)
I took at least 2 months of hard full time work to get rid of Eclipse, ADT, emulators, Google Play, and all other related stuff. And I already knew a lot about Java. After one year I still find many people that know 20 times what I know.

CMSs and Websites don’t have much in common with Android, you even misunderstood Javascript with Java. I think that you must plan many weeks of work before doing anything serious: if you plan to invest that much of time, contact me, I will give you the resources.

Another solution, instead, is to use one of the 1000 online services that create apps directly from html and web sites. They are very - very limited, but for certain types of apps it can be the right choice for you, that you already know very well that stuff and can get the most without investing too much time.

Probably i will win gold shovel for digging up old thread;)
I am java developer for about 2 years (+a lot of other languages with a bit smaller knowledge). Started learning android and I really like it. However I am not a book lover for learning. I’ve read some Java books but I think the most knowledge and experience you will get during the work. Personally I’ve completed few android tutorials, read some articles and guides, watched a lot videos with android basics and now I am developing the game. Of course it’s still learning but when you are working on something real you are much more motivated to do it and to do it right.