A New Kind of Monetization with No Ads

Hey Everyone,

With the advent and rise of ad blockers and shitty mobile ad experiences, we’ve taken a new a approach building a new method of monetization for developers. Now while I know most developers will throw this to the wind and keep chugging along in ad networks, I want you to know this is an Opt-in only opportunity for your app users and is very transparent.

We’ve built an SDK that disables ads for mobile users in app but still pays developers 1.5x per user per month on what they’d normally make from ads. We give each and every app user a pop up screen with the opportunity to opt-in to an anonymous data collecting service that in return removes ads from the app. Think of it like the location data collecting SDK that so many developers use but instead of burying the opt-out clause it forces users to physically opt-in and click, yes I agree to this.

From initial beta tests we’ve found that this gives the end users a better app experience by removing ads but lets them know the developers/publishers are still getting paid.

If anyone is interested in joining our list or interested in trying feel free to PM me. We’ll be out of beta in 2 weeks and on-boarding new developers and partners.

Happy to answer any questions or address any critics and negative responses.