[A new funny GAME] Fish Tank Fiesta - Tilt Game

A cool new Game Fish Tank Fiesta - Tilt Game
★★★ Introducing a funny cool Fish Tank Fiesta - Tilt Game ★★★


Great fun, aquarium style fish tank game.
Tilt your device to left or right to move your goldfish to catch and eat the worm. If the worm gets away three times, you are dead…o.k. not you but your goldfish.
As you reach higher levels, the game speeds up, so you really have to be on your toes!
Don’t worry certain worms give you extra life and some slows down the game so you can catch some breath.
The main goal is to keep feeding the goldfish with the worms until highest score reached.
Let’s see what score you can hit, player! Get on with Fish Tank Fiesta and have fun!
Special Launch Price –Rs.62.34
Check it out now!
Link to google play:

Requirement : Android 2.2 And UP
Available for Android
I recommend you to download this awesome Game.

Thanks :smiley: Very good !

Oh, no, dude. You even don’t know what is tilt and, moreover, connected with fishes. I’ll tell you my story, that have happened some months ago. My mother has had an aquarium with rare fishes and she asked me to buy in the Indenesia some worms, but I have forgotten the name and have bought the first one I have seen at the street. Unfortunately, I have confused them. I have had to buy the “good” worms, who clean the aquarium and eat the useless for fish things, but I have bought the bobbit worms, that have eaten her fishes. That is tilt. You can compare these two kinds of fishes here https://arcreef.com/bristle-worms/bristle-worms-fireworms/ and try to say me that they aren’t similar.

wow, buddy, you know, I found out about existence of bobbit and fireworms right now :slight_smile: however, I guess that they are useful if someone sells it…