Making Money with Android

A Month With Widdit!

In App-ADS are awesome as they earn really good ecpm rates and good revenue, however they are only awesome if people are download and playing your
game on a daily cycle. What if people just download your app or game and just leave it on their device?

Well Widdit has a way for you to monetize those users!

I integrated their SDK with an app that I have which has around 38K current users.

I integrated the SDK in a week after the month of November started.
I only had 28K current users at that time and at the end of the month
I earned a solid 750$ +250$ bonus!!!

The next month in december I earned over 1800$!
And my user base increases by around 50-300 current users a day.

Even with January’s revenue drop which happens with every ad network I earned over 1250$ so far!

However they do pay after 45 days after the end of the month but it is sure worth the wait!

Imagine if you had 100K+ current users who barely play your apps you could monetize them for
huge revenue and they wouldn’t have to even open you app!

I really recommend you test it out!
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.46.04 pm.jpg

I don’t work for Widdit, I am just helping people out who have users
who have stopped playing their games!

You can Signup using this link:
Widdit - Home

Plus you can use the code: Avishay
(While you talk to the account manager)
for a bonus!

Widdit must be really desperate to do that.

Widdit’s marketing department is composed of 11 years old ? :smiley:

That is why this forum will die in next few months…:confused: no one will want to read this shit

let’s create new forum… :slight_smile:

Atleast in the screenshot they should have shown paid instead of future payments

Here is the screenshot of the paid payment.Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.52.23 pm.jpg

Yeah, it’s legit guys. I have ecpm of 5664 dollars.

Here is my payment history:


I would like to thank widdit for existing.

I was bored, I’m sorry :))

Haha this is just more proof that they are scam artists, fully aware they will get you banned. Pathetic!

This forum is already dying. All it has become is a bunch of spam for new advertisers and constant posts about how to get a new account after being banned. :frowning:

I agree with you. I’m thinking of opening a new forum. At least we can make its moderation ourselves. Any help appreciated…

Revenue is stupid :(((((((((

I Just realized that I did kill my Apps because I use ads to monetize them… now think about it… you try to use an App - ads pop up… you try to play a game - ads pop up… you turn your phone on - ads pop up :smiley:
I will not want to use the phone at all in case like this :smiley: