A Guide to Dog-Hungry Pests

There are a lot of roaches in my house
Can they be dangerous for my dog?
If so, then how to get rid of them?

yeah, it can be dangerous. So try to fix this problem

I had not so good experience with my dog and noisy bugs. Once my dog brought with his wool bed bugs. My wife and I could not sleep, because they were always biting us.

yeah, I had the same situation. My wife was also so stressful when our house was attaked by bed bugs. Our dog couldn’t sleep well and we decided to start searching for useful info about bed bugs. Accidentally my wife found this page http://www.bugszapper.com/a-natural-roach-killer-that-really-works-wonders/ where was info about natural bugs prevention. I don’t remember if we used exactly this product, but anyways it is a great and not expensive solution. Maybe there are other natural ways to kill all bugs and live my life without problems like this… I will wait for an answer!

My dog got the same situation. Luckily, my friend has the same problem and he recommends CBD tinctures for dogs. I like the results because of its naturals effect.