Making Money with Android

A good solution to the Google’s new policy (monetization)

Hallo guys,
My name is Idan and I’m the head of marketing at Widdit.
I want to introduce you to our new SDK (HomeBase) which is, by the way, fully compliance with the Google’s new policy.
This unique SDK creates a custom lock screen and increases monetization and engagement for android apps.
We pay for every active user per day, every day!
We pay a lot more than other SDKs!
It’s a win-win-win situation - unlike most SDKs, we are adding value for the end users (we don’t want them to be mad;), we give the users a very cool lock screen that makes their use more fun, more interesting and we also give them an easy way to navigate inside their devices.

HomeBase SDK - Customized Lock Screen For Android App Developers - YouTube

I will be very glad to be in touch with you for additional information.

Mail: [email protected], Skype account: idan-widdit, website: Home | Widdit


any demo application that use this sdk?

Please find my answer in your inbox.

Please don’t post your promotions in this part of the forum. This is where people discuss their income reports…

Ok, sorry I won’t post here again.

I Published An App 1 day Ago Searching For Ad Network That Suits For Me Is IT help ME?

Anyone use them?

yes you are right. related post must be submitted in the relevent thread