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A good ad network for interistials

Hi, what ad network you recommend for interistials?
Now I use Fan, for me it’s a very good network. What is more good a CPC or CPM network, my app it’s not a game!

Hi Alex,

Are you familiar with AdBuddiz? We display premium full-screen interstitials (static and/or video) and pay on a combined CPI and CPM basis. Our algorithms calculate & display the best paying ads per app from the CPI and CPM campaigns available.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information, we have a reactive support team :wink:

Please write your ECPM in FAN

Hi All,

If you’re looking for interstitial campaigns we have them. Wether you’re looking for static interstitial or video interstitial we offer both. Additionally on our mediation platform we support 40+ ad networks, most through S2S and many partners that also have interstitial campaigns. With our mediation platform you can achieve 95+% globally. We support all the major platforms/networks such as FAN, Admob, MoPub, Vungle, AdColony, Chartboost, Unity ads, Applovin and more.

Feel free to create an account at

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Hey Alex1510 - I saw your interest here in monetizing your apps with interstitials - just curious if you made a decision and also about your thoughts on how the ad format is performing for you. Also curious if you have ever worked with or are currently considering performance based ads (CPI/CPA) and how you compare performance with interstitial campaigns?