A fellow student hooked on trading

A classmate hooked on trading cryptocurrency. I wanted to tell him any too. And as already half a year did not speak with him (year from college). Now I want to start developing in this direction. What can you advise a newbie?

I am very interested in this issue. I can advise only what I use myself. This service shows the popularity of the currency and its trends https://www.hypeanalysis.com/. And the more popular the more information you can find. It is clear that this is not enough, but this is also the way to start :slight_smile: good luck with your endeavor.

Wow, is this student so intelligent? As I know there are a lot of variants to earn in such a way. But my question is the following: does the student earn money without any assistance? May be he uses bots? Or any other programs, guides and so on?

I’m not sure if it can earn you money. Rather it can help newbie trader not to lose their assets. And I also prefer free alternatives, like suprorder.io.