A couple of questions about StartApp and airpush

I am looking to switch from admob to a better ad network since admob has been dead lately. I get on average 200k impressions per day.

I’ve been browsing this forum and I gather that airpush and StartApp are known for good ecpm. My questions are

Which one usually has a better ECPM?

Is Airpush what it sounds like it is, notification ads? Is so, didn’t Google ban notification ads?

I have used both and I have the better results with StartAPP
StartApp - Developer Register

yaa startapp is better . u can use my referrel link if u want.it is in my signature

AirPush gives you 2 SDKs, AirPlay (for google play, no push ads, compatible etc) and airpush, with push/icon etc ads which are not GooglePlay compatible.
The only thing that goes on my nerves is that Avira antivirus goes nuts when you unpack the AirPush sdk zip file, which may just be a sign that I should change the antivirus, not the sponsor. No idea if android antivirus apps warn about AirPlay sdk, this happens on my computer.

in my case airpush has a bit better eCPM than startapp when comparing number of impressions, but startapp also gives a small amount PPD which adds up.

Yes Airpush offers various SDKs. A Google compliant one which contains in app ad units and a universal SDK (for 3rd party markets) which contain all ad units plus push/icon.
They’ve recently come out with a bundle SDK which pays CPM + PPD. I currently have 2 apps integrated with the bundle and I see a decent bump in revenue now with the PPD+CPM combo. I still haven’t been paid though.

What kind of a bump are you seeing? They pay PPD and CPM at the same time?!?

The better way is to use StartApp.
No regret :slight_smile:

Is startapp good for non gaming apps as well?

Hey Dav800,

I suggest you try AppGrade.

We have installed some great high-earning ad-units for you in our SDK, such as our:

Preloaded Interstitials and Exit AppWalls - leading to no loading time and improved user experience, and therefore to higher conversion rates.

Native Advertisement via a “more games” button - acts as an additional revenue stream which doesn’t compete with any other monetization solution you may use and presents ads in a natural way which maintains positive user experience, leading to increased eCPM!

SmartBar Pro - enables a continuous revenue stream with no dependence upon user’s engagement with your app and even if the user had uninstalled your app!

In addition, we got highly positive feedbacks from a lot of developers, requesting us to extend our new-year’s promotion, so that -
Whoever integrates our sdk by 20/1/14 will receive a 10% payout increase for all revenues generated up to 31/3/14.
That is, for example, if in your dashboard it shows that you’ve earned $2000, we will pay $2200!!!

Would love to further discuss this in detail:
Skype: tamar.appgrade
Mail: [email protected]

Best regards,


What is your payment? NET30 net15?
support Wire transfer to Spain?

Hey Kell,

We pay NET30 and support both Wire transfers and PayPal.

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Is there a sample app showing appgrade ads?


I’ve just uploaded a demo app, you can check it out at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appgrade.smartbarhosted&hl=en

Inside, you will find our Interstitial AppWall, which in this case will specifically appear when entering the app and pressing the back button, but you can place it wherever you like within the app session.
In addition, you will be presented with our SmartBar’s EULA-type ad, which directs the user to Google Play. It appears when opening the app, and stops appearing once the user had installed the SmartBar.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional question.

Best regards,