7 effective ways to promote app

Hi friends, today I want to talk about how to promote your app. This is because even if you create a perfect app, if you don’t promote it, it’s nothing. Here are 7 ways to promote app.

1. Make full use of social media

Make full use of social media, create blog accounts and write some information about your app. Running these accounts, do not only write about your app, also write some funny jokes or stories to attract fans. Also remember often contact with fans, community with them, ask the advantages and disadvantages of your app, then you can improve it. And ask them help, let them advertise your app to their friends.

2. Blog commenting

Searching some targeted keywords in Google and find the relevant blog about your app. Then, add a valued comment at below with valuable insight and your app link. Typically, this method is used in internet marketer space. But you can also use this method to gain high-quality relevant links and traffic to your app and landing page.

3. Celebrity endorsement

Nowadays, the Celebrity Effect is becoming more and more important, more and more people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities. Having a familiar face endorse your app is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create brand awareness. Cooperating with influencers is also a good choice. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in social network like Facebook or Twitter.

4. Get more app installs

Large amount app installs not only can help boost app store rankings, but also can make app rank higher in the search result. Data show that nearly 70% people download an app through searching in the app store. If your app have a large amounts installs, your app will come in the top few in the search result. You can ask your friends, classmates and families help, let them download your app. The most effective way get app installs is to buy app installs from reliable company, which can provide high quality services from real users, they install your app and play it.

5. Forums

There are many iOS Game App forums which your can promote your app in there. Such as TouchArcade Forums, imore and etc. You can ask people download your app and give you some advice.

6. Put your app on mobile app review sites

This method means that you have to find some reliable app reviews sites, putting your app on them to guide users to install your app. But you have to guarantee your app’s quality is good enough to be reviewed by audiences. When you reach out, you have to provide some support material of your app, like app links, summary, screenshots, video, etc. If your app received more positive reviews in these sites, you will gain a tons of traffic and installs.

7. Gain positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings

App reviews and ratings play an essential part in app promotion, which can affect your app installs and ranking in App Store. Thus, to promote an app, getting more app high-quality reviews and 4/5-star ratings are necessary for app developers. There are some tips about how to get more app reviews and ratings:

Ask your friends and relatives’ help
Reviews exchange
Incentivize users to give positive reviews and high ratings
Use some useful plug-in
Buy app reviews and ratings from a reliable company