7-day Notification: Spam or not?

Hi guys

I just received a mail from Google with the title “7-day Notification of Google Play Developer Terms Violation”.

REASON FOR WARNING: Potential violation of the Impersonation or Deceptive behavior and/or intellectual property provisions of the Content Policy.

My app is on Google play for several years, an I don’t think I’m using any copyrighted material or something similar.

In my Google Play console I see a warning about phishing mails going around. So I’m not sure if the mail I received is spam or real.
On first glance the mail looks authentic because I don’t see any suspicious links.

I’m wondering if I should see any notification in the Google Play console.
Question to anyone how got ‘real’ 7-day notifications in the past: Did you see anything related in the developer console?


The fake emails sent were with 3 day warning and real emails are with 7 days warning
Just check the address of the sender if it’s from gooogle.com.de than its fake

Yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t change their spam mails.

I’m just wondering why I don’t see anything in the Google Play console. Shouldn’t there be also a warning or notification?