6 Lessons Learned from an App launch. True story.


we launched an app last autumn and now worte down our key learnings and every mistake we made. We thought that this could be of help for others as well.

If you have similar experiences or something to add, would be great if you share it as well

Heres the Link: nauapp 6 lessons learned from an early app launch

Number 1 is so true, nothing really happens when you upload the app, specially for the Appstore

Very cool that you actually interacted with your customer base. Many miss the value of getting direct feedback from their target market. Did you have to get permission to leave flyers at the university classrooms?

We have been in touch with many universities and received great feedback and got offered cool ways to acess the campus. Particularly if you meet a need they are having. But sometimes you should as well not ask too much permission :wink:

For Android I can say that we’ve launched 7 games in the last 1 1/2 years and 3 of them reached 100k+ downloads and another 2 500k+ downloads from basically doing nothing. This is not the case on iOS, but having a good icon + screenshots simply works for us on Android. I don’t know if you ever tried it out, but changing your icon sometimes increases or decreases your downloads by up to 50%.

Hey, thanks for the input. I guess gaming apps are an own story. Here is as well a new blog post of mine, regarding outsorcing developement, if someone still wana try it out :wink: nauapp Thinking to outsource app developement! Read this before.

Thanks for sharing. I hope it ends up well for you… 6 people in a team, outsourcing development, ~8 months of work and it doesn’t seem like you earned more than $50 on Android and $500 on iOS.

I agree with this, if your app can not make enough money to cover your cost. it is actually a failure.