5 stars ratings disappeared

In the last few days, I noticed that in many of my Apps (also on different GP accounts) some 5 star ratings have disappeared.
Anyone else noticed this? it seems to involve only Ratings (not Reviews) with 5 stars.
All missing Ratings should be legit as I never bought or exchanged any reviews/ratings.

Yeap, it’s a known issue in the last few weeks. And a lot of apps are suffering from this, even the apps who never used any promotional or exchange service. Most likely Google’s trying some new algorithm and from what we can see it’s far from being perfect.
In my opinion there’s really nothing we can do at the moment but just wait and see until things gets more stable


Maybe this is because the change of algorithm. To get app ratings, you have to ensure your app quality, which can attract more users to leave their 4/5-star ratings. Also, if you have enough budget, you can buy app ratings from real users, which can help you boost your app ranking and build a good reputation in a short time.

Buying app reviews make you vulnerable …Never ever buy app reviews …First your app get banned in a week and your account on the line…

I am telling with my 6 year experience in android Play store…Buying reviews worked in 2012-2014 …Dont buy app reviews for the sake of your apps…They will be deleted .

Unfortunately I have to confirm what NokiaDev wrote. In short term (a couple of days) it will bring your app higher in the rankings. After that you will be notified by Google that your app broke the policy. If you were lucky (like I was few months ago) your app will be only suspended and you may be able to get your app back live again. But, believe me… “that” night was terrible when I got suspension message. Don’t try to cheat Google, you won’t win.