5 mobile app advertising trends to make the most money in 2019

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In this article, we got together 5 trends that will help you make the most money with your app in 2019 —> 5 Mobile App Advertising Trends for 2019

Of course, [b]DATA MONETIZATION[/b] is on the list!

Do you already have a monetization strategy for 2019? What do you think will bring you the most money?

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Data sounds interesting. Is it safe? If i insert the SDk can Google ban my app?

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Yes, data monetization is 100% complied with the Google Privacy policy and GDPR. From Epom Apps 3-year experience in data monetization, over partner apps have NEVER been warned by Google. The process is safe and transparent for both app developers and app users.

These articles will help you understand data monetization better:

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  3. App Monetization with Data: A Guide for Developers

Good luck with data monetization!

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When you talk about DATA MONETIZATION clarify that an app should have 70 000 DAU to earn a significant money.

I monetize my app with data - thanks everyone who recommended Appgrow - it really works! But it doesn’t work for app with DAU less than 30 000!

Data can give + $3000 ad revenue but you need to have a lot of app installs

thanks for the helpful articles

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Building an app requires a lot of money and time.

Developer to Developer Warning

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Initial stage is very difficult and important, so you need to go through it and use all the possible tools. I use Blastmobiself-serve CPI Platform. This platform is fully automated, you can add apps, create orders or top-up balance at any time.

Hi, Is there a way to increase installs and ranking as well as revenue through the following app without investing money?

The trends above have had a large part to play in shaping in-app advertising over the last year, and show signs of new technological advancement in 2019. Marketers can leverage the latest tech and marketing developments to improve user experience and conversion rate, as well as minimize their own incurred costs.