5 interstitial ads or 1 30 second video

I haven’t been able to find a previous post about this specific topic so I thought I’d ask.

I’ve developed a game which has hundreds of levels and am going to monetize it by unlocking levels via ads as well as removing ads via IAP. I’m debating between two methods:

[li]Unlock each level with a single interstitial ad
[/li][li]Unlock 5 levels with a 30 second video ad

Is there a resource for the ePCM for each of these methods. Obviously if the ePCM of the video is 5x the interstitial ad it’s the natural choice.

After doing some research, I found some sources reporting an ePCM of $2 for interstitial ads and $6 for videos. Has anyone found any different?

No not always as your idea.Some time banner ads given more better than video ads ecpm.It simply depends in user activity and country from which user are playing your game.Good Luck for your new game.

Hi pebble_games,

That’s an interesting question. I think you’d be better of with video ads, as you won’t risk seriously damaging the user’s experience and app trailers are actually engaging and not only annoying. Also, your research is about right, video ads will usually have a higher eCPM- as long as the fill rate remains high.

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Good luck!

Hmmm $5+ for video ads would definitely make them a better contender. I’ve also checked out surveys. Pollfish (https://www.pollfish.com/monetize) advetises a $.30 pay off per completed survey. Has anyone had any success with this? A $300 ePCM makes them the clear winner if I was to implement them every 25 levels.