5 App 5 Language Or 1 App 5 Language ?

Hello, i writing new app. this app 75.000 movies 30.000 Trailer 50.000 Actor, And get nearest cinemas on. Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Brazil, now i publish this app on 5 app 5 language or 1 app 5 language ?

Sorry for my bad english

I think 1 app supporting 5 languages would be easier to maintain. On the other hand, if you roll out 5 different apps, your download and review count would get split as well and in my opinion a high download count helps your app rank better as well as converts a visit to an install easily.

1 app 5 languages seems better. You may try increment, 1 app 1 language first, if response is good, add more languages to the app.

Maintaining 5 apps is a nightmare. Every time you make a change you will need to make it 4 more times.

Having 5 apps will split your download count so users might not see you as legit. 5app should give you more discoverability but since they’re in different languages it might lead the user to think the app is only available in a foreign language if they stumble up on one that’s not in their language. So that kind of cancels out the discoverability.

Not if you’re using Android Studio. With Gradle, you can build 5 apks out of the same source code but with different resources.

What I mean is if you fix a bug in one app you will have to apply that fix 4 more times then export and upload 5 apks

What I meant is that using Gradle you’ll need to fix your source code only once. One single build request will automatically export 5 apks with different localized string resources. So, you’ll only need to upload five of them. Gradle can take the rest of the redundancy out for you.

Google doesn’t mind having multiple app, that are basically the same, only in different languages? I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking.

I agree. I think it would be better to have it all on one app.

1 app with five language, simple and easy to maintenance . You just need translate resource and description also app name on Play store.

Why you want 5 apps?